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T.A. Dickson, F.T. Hill, W.C. Moodie, G.W. Ralph, D.M. Prather, J.H. Ariss, M.T. Johnston, E.R. Emond, C.S. Patton, G.T. Finlay, S.H. Sheard, P.D. Scanlan, J.A. Govier, R.H.Emond, M.W. Mondville, A.C. Nielsen

website of toronto artist tom dickson (dkzn)

this was a gathering of Nielsen bigwigs from around the globe, including The Big Wig, himself, A.C.Nielsen (front and centre) ... though I’m in the picture far left, I was not a bigwig—I was EVP Trav Hill’s assistant at the time

Nielsen had moved into this new building at 39 Wynford Drive in Don Mills a couple of years earlier from 2434 Yonge Street (now a Restoration Hardware) where I had joined them in early 1961 as a junior clerk in the Checking Department ... I left them in 1970

Sept 8-10 1965

A. C. Nielsen Company of 
Canada Limited

Toronto/CASA Conference